Welcome Snowbirds!

We want to welcome all our amazing Snowbirds back this year to Ocean Grove RV Resort!

We hope you have had an amazing summer; we are so glad to have you back. We have made some improvements to the park while you have been away. The office, restaurant, and recreation room have been updated with bright tropical colors. Ocean Grove Camp Store has been expanded. Come grab your beach towels and some nice OG apparel and souvenirs. Don’t worry if you forgot something; we now offer RV supplies! Don’t forget about the fur babies, we now have pet toys! For your enjoyment, we now have a pool table, foosball table, and air hockey table!

Let’s have a fun fabulous Florida snowbird season!

Enjoy warm and sunny florida!

When it comes to moderate weather, a plethora of activities, and breathtaking beaches in the South, Florida will undoubtedly be remembered. With lots of great things it has to offer, it truly deserves to be the second-most visited state in the country!

And, speaking of Florida’s popularity and overall beauty, we all knew there was only one place that could cater to you the best: us!

While you were away, we worked hard to create new and improved amenities to ensure you had everything you needed during your stay. Services are carefully and thoughtfully crafted by our dedicated teams, especially for this season.

Save yourself from freezing weather that could harm your body. Ocean Grove RV Resort is a must-see for snowbirds like you in Florida! Come and visit us during your next vacation. We know for sure that here, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the season more and relax.